Extremely grateful and very appreciative - From Windows 95

by "Ed & Cassandra Sharpe" <sharpe(at)mindspring.com>

 Date:  Wed, 15 Sep 1999 21:00:13 -0500
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Many thanks to everyone who responded to my computer crash.  For about 6
hours I was staring at the dreaded prompt "C:\".  I received a tremendous
array of tips.  I learned a lot from all the help I received.  In the end,
two files saved me. (At least I think it was only two.)   "SYS.COM" sent to
me by an friend who will remain nameless (Don't look at the CC: line) and
"COMMAND.COM" which I desperately scrounged off an old floppy that was
formatted as a system disk.

Now all is well, I have my PC back.  And I am back to building websites.

Thank You,


P.S.  My husband sends an extra special "Thank You" because now I don't have
to use his computer anymore. ;-)

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