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First of all: CHECK YOUR CACHE!	I do not know how many times I have uploaded
a new graphic (I just don't do sounds) and really really proved that it was
there, and then could not find it because my box kept pulling the old one
out of the cache instead of going to get the new one. So push your
Reload/Refresh button.

If this does not help, check your links. They must be EXACTLY the same,
sound.wav is not Sound.wav or sound.WAV.

Did you upload the correct corrections. If you use frames (and I'll not
really go to look) you must upload the page that has the link on it and not
just the frameset page.

If these suggestions do not help, I am sure that someone else has the right


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Brand new to HTML etc. etc.  Just started playing with first page and when I
changed the BG Sounds, they stopped playing.  All I did was change the file
name from the old one that did play.  I used CuteFTP to upload the new
sounds and it shows they were uploaded.  When I preview locally on IE5, they
play fine.  Site is at, and it
is a "novice" site.  I have all of 2 weeks experience from "Learn HTML in 24
hours" by SAMS Publish.
Thanks, Bill

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