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 Date:  Mon, 6 Sep 1999 09:40:34 +0800
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> Make them read the same. You may have to delete both, then write
> a new one for htm and html. Be VERY careful and write everything down
> before fooling around in there!!

There's another way (at least, in Win 95):
* Select a file with the extension you want to associate (e.g. .html). 
* Right-click on it while holding down the SHIFT key.  
* Select "Open With".  
* Select Netscape or iexplore (or whatever browser you use)
* Click the box that says "Always use this program..." 
* Press OK.

No settings to remember and if the program you want is not available in the
list, you can BROWSE for it by clicking on the "Other" button..

Bert Doorn, Web Developer
Author of "Beginners' Website Design Tips"

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