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by "Mark Harvey" <bowling(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 28 Sep 1999 23:29:37 +0100
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Hi Paul et al,

> Now, just because you have a frames page doesn't mean a user with a
> non-frames browser can't see anything.  It entails some duplication of web
> pages, but in the long run, I think it will be a less work than your
> description.
> A lot of people see the "This page has been designed for frames, and your
> browser doesn't ......." in the "<noframes>" area when using some web
> authoring tools.  This section can actually contain a complete web page to
> be displayed to a non-frames web client.  If you design your supplemental
> pages to be navigable from a set of links on either the top or bottom of
> each page, page duplication becomes minimal.

I have already got the "<noframes>" on the index and navigation on each
individual page in place for when the site goes live in case I cannot solve
my problem another way.  I would like to have the index.html page without
frames to make life easier for visitors to bookmark the site (got round with
a kludge at the moment) and links from index.html open the frames.

I feel sure there must be a way of doing this with a CGI, although I have
come up with the idea that I could do it with six different frameset pages
(written so as to have the frames with the same names so that navigation
would still work (i.e. each frameset linked to by index.html would call the
frames "navbar" & "main" for example)).

Unfortunately the site is not on the internet at the moment so I can't give
you a URL to help explain it more. Hopefully soon I will get the go ahead to
finish it (information still to be supplied) and upload it (web space set up
and waiting). Sigh - I wish clients understood the internet a little better


Mark Harvey
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