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You can use the return value of a function with the assignment
operator...that one in perfectly legal.


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> not entirely sure which code is going wrong.  two things that jump out,
> though, is that you have two functions called openNewPage() that say
> different things.
> the other is that, at the top, you have
> window.onerror = stopError;
> but stopError is a function, not an object.  i'm probably wrong about this
> second one because stopError has a return value, but i've not heard of
> setting anything equal to a function...
> what's the function that's failing?  one way to find that out is to put
> alerts into your code to see where it stops running.  for instance, if you
> put an alert in the first openNewPage() function and then one in the
> you'll be able to tell how far the script runs...
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> Dear folk,
> Please take a look at and
> tell me why the JS for the drop-down boxes is not working.
> I've looked and looked. It's probably something stupid - but, I can't find
> it!
> Please respond to me privately as well as on list - as I get the digest
> version of this fine list.
> TIA,
> Fran Johnston

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