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by "Jen Heneberry" <jen(at)>

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Hello fellow Basics members!

This weekly FAQ is a handy resource full of information about the Basics
list and other HWG resources.  Please keep a copy to refer to for questions
about the list (including subscribing or unsubscribing) or the HWG.  Even if
you've been a member of the list for a long time, there is always a new tip
of the week, and other information that you may need someday.


HWG-Basics is in need of volunteer list guides to assist in week-to-week
shifts moderating the lists.  If you are interested in volunteering as a
list guide and want to find out more about the duties and responsibilities
of list guides, please check out and
send a message to Chris Higgs and Mel Trivett at lg-manager(at)  Thank

Table of Contents
1. Mailing List Tip of the Week
2. What are List Guides and who are the List Guides for HWG-Basics?
3. What is the HWG-Basics Mailing List? (Charter info)
4. What topics do NOT belong on HWG-Basics?
5. How do I subscribe and unsubscribe?
6. How do I send a message to the list?
7. How can I distinguish mail from this list?
8. Can I view previous posts?  (Guild archives)
9. What other lists are available?


1. Mailing List Tip of the Week

Please edit your posts down to remove as much of the message(s) you are
responding to.  This will really cut down on bandwidth use, and make it
easier for those members that subscribe to the digest version (those that
get several posts together as one message).

2. What are List Guides and who are the List Guides for HWG-Basics?

List Guides are members of the HWG who have volunteered their time to help
maintain the quality of the Guild's lists and assist members with their mail
related problems.

Remember that the List Guides are always available to assist with mailing
list related problems and queries, and can be contacted at

Your List Guides for HWG-Basics are:

Jen Heneberry
Lisa Whirrett
Christopher Higgs (temporary basis)

3. What is the HWG-Basics Mailing List? (Charter info)

This list is targeted towards those of you who are just getting started in
website authoring and HTML.  Its charter includes beginning to intermediate
discussion of all areas of website design and creation, so feel free to
write about anything reasonably related to HTML authoring - there's no such
thing as a stupid question here!  More complete information can be found at:

4. What topics/messages do NOT belong on HWG-Basics

Flaming is always inappropriate. Sarcasm, personal attacks, and the like,
are not appropriate on the list and only add fuel to "flamewars."  If you
really feel the need to respond in such a way, then please do so via private

Critiques of web pages are also off-topic.  The Guild has a special list for
that purpose: HWG-Critique.

For additional information on basic netiquette, please review the Guild's
Netiquette Guidelines at:

5. How do I subscribe and unsubscribe?

To subscribe or unsubscribe, send email to:


with either 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' in the BODY of the message. Do NOT
include your email address. Your email address will be determined from the
headers on your message.

The procedure for subscribing and unsubscribing to the digest form of the
list is almost the same as above. The only difference is that you send the
message to:


Please note that when unsubscribing from a list, you MUST post from the same
email address you used to subscribe.  If your email address has changed, you
will be unable to unsubscribe automatically and should contact the list
owner at:


The charter and more information on subscriptions can be found at:

6. How do I send a message to the list?

Send your messages to <hwg-basics(at)>, for both regular and digest
version of the list.

7. How can I distinguish mail from this list?

Some mail programs allow you to apply filters to your mail to identify where
the mail has come from.  You can distinguish posts from the HWG-Basics list
based on the SENDER field.  This is set to 'owner-hwg-basics(at)'.  The
HWG Mail Filtering FAQ <>
contains further information.

8. Can I view previous posts? (Guild Archives)

Yes.  Many topics have been covered in depth already and the answer is
sitting there waiting to be picked up.  Before posting, check list archives
through the Guild's Web pages.  The archives are searchable by subject, and
you'll likely find the answer you're looking for more quickly.

The archives can be found at:

9. What other lists are available?

Please visit <> for a complete
list of lists as well as the official charter and subscription details for

If you have any suggestions to help improve this FAQ or suggestions for
"Mailing Tips of the Week", please send them to <lg-basics(at)>. The
List Guides are always trying to improve the quality of the FAQs and welcome
any and all suggestions from the members.

Enjoy the list!

Jen Heneberry
List Guide, HWG Basics
HTML Writer's Guild

Jen Heneberry, Owner
Jenworks Design & Consulting

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