C S S - B A S I C Q U E S T I O N

by xrx_doc(at)prodigy.net

 Date:  Mon, 30 Apr 2001 12:18:49 -0000
 To:  <hwg-basics(at)mail.hwg.org>
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Hi All

I know a little HTML and am toying with the idea of 
tackling CSS.  But every time I start to work on CSS  
I run across a note somewhere saying something 
along the lines of ".xxx doesn't work with Netacape" 
or not supported by all browsers, etc, etc.   I'm asking 
myself if it's worth the time to try and learn if CSS is 
not fully supported by most common browsers.    

I would sure like to hear some opinions on this 
question from members of this list.



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