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 Date:  Tue, 14 Sep 1999 14:04:03 -0700
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Yep as I thought you are missing both a </td> and a </tr>. Netscape chokes
on this all the time. Run your pages in a validator and it will catch these
kind of errors right away for you. Your top graphic is to wide and forces a
scroll on a 640x480 screen also.
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: Hi guys and gals
: I'm working to a deadline for a client  mock up and have an offending
: everything was fine until i decided to be brave and do it in a table!
: [yes me and tables just don't mix.]
: The only thing showing in NN3.0 is the bg......aghhhhhhh  in IE5.0
: everything is showing. ;-\
: The navigation bar on the left side will not push down(i wanted it about
: even with where the text/mini banner in red begins"Pain Stress and
: Confusion"...
:  ....and the banner at the top is all cockeyed, i thought by making the
: banner 640 it would solve all those little problems of centering
: etc......anyone got a down and dirty quick fix?
: <gone to pop, popcorn and ponder the universe>
: Windsong
: chester(at)
: <C program run.  C program crash.  C programmer quit>

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