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> I have now d/loaded IE5 and the reason for the Optimised for as explained
> previously was that I was having probs with IE users viewing it. It was a
> simple terminology to warn people with IE that if it looks a mess it is
> because you are using IE...etc etc....(Not looking to get into any
> over the use of me!)
> Since D/loading IE5 I can view my page properly. What wording would you
> suggest that I use to say that It is viewable in NN and if you have IE5
> whole site is viewable???? Will drop the optimised :)
> It seems it is back to the same old arguement that you cannot please ALL
> the people ALL of the time!

Well... as I see it, the use of "optimised for..." or even "best viewed
with..." has all sorts of implications.  Like (and I'm NOT saying you - or
anyone else for that matter! - actually think or deliberately intend any of
these, just that this is how it can come across to the user) "I've designed
this website for people using browser X, and I don't care whether or not
anyone else can see it.".  Or "I can't be bothered - download and use
browser X or go away.".  It can have a very negative impact if you don't
happen to be using (or be able to use) browser X.

For information on creating websites that can be accessed by any browser
see the Any Browser Campaign at  After
all - we put stuff on a website in the hope that people will come and look
at it (or listen to it, or whatever) - why risk turning a load of them away
as soon as they get there if we don't have to? :-)

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