What is the "www" part of a domain name?

by "Peter Newton" <c-newton(at)ihug.co.nz>

 Date:  Sat, 18 Sep 1999 20:22:51 +1200
 To:  <hwg-basics(at)hwg.org>
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Hello All,
Does anyone know what the story is on the www ( I know it stands for World
Wide Web) part of a website address?

I need to be able to identify particular wesite adresses ie
http://www.name.com but am a little confused concerning the www. for example
sometimes I can call a site up without using the www ie http://name.com are
these 2 sites identical url's or not. Also If I setup a domain name of
http://www.myname.com will I also have rights to http://myname.com and vica

Many thanks
Peter Newton

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