Re: problem connecting to an aol account

by "Donna M Smillie" <dms(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 14 Sep 1999 18:39:58 +0100
 To:  "hcdesigns" <sharyn(at)>,
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Hi Sharyn

If you drop the "www" the address works fine.  A lot of these "members" or
"homepages" or "freepages" type URLS don't have "www" at the front - if it
doesn't work, it's often a good idea to try the same URL but without the
"www".  :-)

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From: hcdesigns <sharyn(at)>

> ok - this is very strange. trying from the internet to reach the
> following address to verify it for a advertiser. this is the address
> that she gave me.
> the error code i get from netscape is that it's unable to locate
> any clue????

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