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by "Donna M Smillie" <dms(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 22 Sep 1999 13:46:56 +0100
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Hi Rob

As an alternative to starting from scratch and doing it all yourself, you
could check out some of the free referral services around - see for one of these.  I've used it for some time on
my personal website, and it has never caused any problems.  Does pretty
well exactly what your client is looking for, and allows you to customise
the email that gets sent.  Although they provide cut and paste code for the
form that goes on the page, there's no reason why you couldn't customise
that too, though it's so simple that little customisation is necessary.


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From: Rob Bushman <bushman(at)>

> I have a client that want's visitors to send the URL of his
> site to their friends. In other words, a text field where
> visitors enter the email address of a friend, they click a
> "send" or "submit" button, and an email message is sent to
> the friend containing the URL of the site.
> Can this be done? I've never done anything with CGI. It
> seems like I should be able to find some script, upload it
> to a cgi-bin (where this "bin" is, I don't have a clue),
> then create a form with the text field and the submit
> button. Can someone please give me detailed steps? Keep in
> mind, I'm a first-timer.

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