Re: Should I put people's info on the web?

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I myself have a page for a group of people. The difference with mine is that
it is for an online game, so we use the person's character name instead. I
do think that people's information should not be displayed openly, as too
much can be learned about someone that way. I think Initials would work

If they definitely want their information shared amongst the group, then why
not have a members only section and password protect the pages? I know my
host offers it, and Bravenet has it for free.


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> I think it is always a good policy to leave their names off.  Many can
> benefit from the site if it uses their first names or initials and then
> has the pictures.  Perhaps the name of the town but stop it at that.
> It is amazing what you can learn about someone if you just put their name
> a search engine.
> It sounds like your members are proud of what they have accomplished and
> want to share their work.
> And yet they don't want to be robbed either.  You can accomplish both this
> way.
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> Try saving it out as a PDF file, and you'll keep all formatting and
> fonts.  Seeing impaired people will be able to enlarge it without it
> pixelating, and people can also download the newsletter to have a hard
> copy for their files.
> BTW and maybe off topic, BUT --
> Am I the only person to worry about club info (like names and addresses
> of club members) being freely given out on the web?  My Garden RR club
> members have much time and materiel invested in their hobby.  Some
> member want to use the website to attract new members by displaying the
> achievements of current and past members.
> My negativity on this centers on the security issue.  Members would like
> the pictures to be displayed anyway but with no identification of whose
> layout or where it's located.  I guess that will work, but I don't see
> much value to it myself.
> Has anyone else had to deal with this issue?   BTW, the site is

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