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I loaded the AOL browser from their litter disks and got it to work.  I took
it off again, as it seemed to mess up my IE5, but perhaps a better PC tech
than I could make it work.

AOL browser is based on MSIE, but it ain't MSIE once they get done with it.


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> << AOL's browser is MSIE.  Most of the people that visit my site are
>  They are mostly running AOL's MSIE 3 or 4.  AOL recently provided an
>  upgrade for its browser to MSIE 5. >>
> I am on AOL., and I always go to my external MSIE5 to view sites.  Things
> just work better there, I can't put my finger on it.
> However, one point to note - a good deal of AOL users don't realize that
> their AOL browser (which might be a version of MSIE5)  is totally separate
> from the main one.  The AOL browser's default setting regarding graphics -
> compressed and this makes a huge, notable difference in how things look to
> them.  All the Internet tools (ie; cache) are separate from the base MSIE5
> browser.
> There is no known way of using AOL's browser without being hooked up with
> screenname (to answer the original question).  However, if you would like
> screenshot of how a page looks, go ahead and write me :)
> Mary
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