Re: Need help with AOL compatability issue

by "Lauren Hanka" <bluejay(at)>

 Date:  Sat, 21 Apr 2001 18:26:40 -0700
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Hi Jay,

Looked at it with the AOL version 6 browser I have stashed on my PC, and it
looked fine - identical, or nearly so to IE version 5.5. My guess is that
the customers you mentioned (who were not particularly sophisticated enough
to tell you about their setup) had their browser font setting too small.


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Subject: Need help with AOL compatability issue

> Hi,
> Our site uses CSS, which is always a bit of a problem with folks using
> older browsers or NS browsers.
> However, recently two or three (only) AOL using customers have written
> to say that the text on our site is so tiny they can't see "anything".
> None of these users were sophisticated enough to tell me much about
> their setup, their AOL version, or the underlying browser version.
> However, I noticed that for his email the most recent one used AOL
> Mailer 6 -- so I would guess that is AOL version 6 on a PC, but I
> think there are different browser versions used for the that.
> I am talking a wild guess, but I am going to guess that he is using
> AOL 6, on a PC, with an "underlying" MSIE 3 browser.
> In any case, if anybody has a moment to take a look, using an AOL
> browser, please advise if you have the same problem of TINY TEXT.  If
> so, I will appreciate any info on which AOL/browser version you use
> and your ideas about what my problem is (if it is my problem!).
> Jay
> P.S.  I have hesitated to install test AOL browsers on any of our
> systems as I don't like to load them up with "that stuff".  Should I
> go ahead and do it?  What are the "risks"?
> --
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