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 Date:  Mon, 22 Jan 2001 15:25:06 -0800
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Admittedly, there are a few "I think so's" in my answer here so please
accept my remarks as only generalities.

If you are talking about working with ASP pages on your own computer under a
Windows 98 environment, then PWS will do just fine.

It can be found on FrontPage CD's and as I recall, on Windows 95 and 98 CD's
as well. You will have to look for it on the CD. I don't recall a menu item
for this in the Install program on the disk. (Except of course, FrontPage.)
I think you can still download it from Microsoft's FrontPage Support site.
You may have to hunt for this though.

Once PWS is installed, it should create a directory called wwwroot. You
place your web and/or test pages in sub directories under this wwwroot
directory. That way, the server can find them.

Also remember that all pages and or test files must have the .asp extension.
(No fair using .htm)

And this is important. You can NOT use drag and drop to place a test ASP
page in IE. You must create a page with a link on it and let the server
locate it and render it to Internet Explorer. It will solve a lot of
"Gee--it's not working" if one remembers the SERVER has to create the page
on demand.

Now--if this gives you the impression I know what I'm doing, please excuse
my miss-direction here. Shortly after I started to work with ASP my client
changed from NT to an ISP that used Apache and I had to drop it. Yes--with
the proper software, Apache "can" run ASP but it is usually found on NT

And all of these "servers" have to have ASP. (Some don't) Sorry--offhand, I
don't remember which does and which does not. A look in the ASP support
pages of Microsoft should help here. Also, there are web resources such as that will help. This used to be a great site--now it's got a
tad commercial but still of some value.

One can use EITHER VB Script or JavaScript to code ASP but I do not
recommend trying to mix them. I found that it gets a little confusing to the
elderly mind.

By this time, I must have you thoroughly confused so it's only fair that I
quit while you can still get my gobblygook straightened out.

Best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

> Hi,
> I am using windows 98. If i need to
> run a web server that supports ASP
> on my machine what should it be
> "IIS" or "PWS"? Is there any free
> download for IIS or PWS.
> I have installed Apache web server
> on my machine. Is it possible for
> Apache to support "ASP"? I tried,
> but could not run asp pages. Is
> there something that I am missing?
> Need advice from you experts.
> thanks
> suneetha

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