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Katherine and Kevin have good suggestions. Dreamweaver is an excellent tool.
In fact, MOST main line WYSIWYG editors are also used by, [here is where I
get yelled at], most working "pros" in some manner, these days to speed up
their work.

Except on this list of course--I'm the only one who will admit to using
FrontPage and I have been told flat out, this eliminates me from
professionalism for all time. [sigh]

Granted the "pros" use these tools in a qualified way, overseeing and/or
modifying the editor's work by their own experience.

BTW--The "template" method they mention above is one of the greatest time
saving techniques around. Get in the habit of "saving" templates of all your
basic pages.

Indeed--Why type in hundreds of lines of code when a few mouse clicks will
do the same thing. It's ten times faster to use an editor and then--for
those who insist--run Tidy or some such to "supposedly clean" up the
editor's work

[I often wonder sometimes, if the web page DOES run all that much better
after the cleaning?? --sly grin as I duck the bricks being thrown my way

However, if you still want to "hand code" but sort of ease the burden a bit,
you might consider any number of "point and click" type editors. Many are
free and they all have some sort of drop down menus with the standard
"tags". All you have to do is click on the one you want and it is inserted
at the cursor point.

However--unlike the WYSIWYG editors--these point and click editors do NOT
help you decide whether the tag you clicked on is the RIGHT one for the job.

One that I find handy and use in conjunction with FrontPage, is the Platypus
JavaScript Editor,

It has "click-able" tags for both JavaScript and HTML. You can also save
"snippets" of code for later use. Keeping track of all these little bits of
misc. code can be a pain. Some editors are batter at this than others.
Platypus is about average in this area.
I licensed mine so long ago I have forgotten the price but it was certainly
quite reasonable. It might have even been free.--I just don't remember.

And of course, there are dozens more out there. One simple and free one is
CuteHTML. However, it's list of click-able tags is pretty short.

Whoops: Just as I was about to send, Tamara's post popped in. She lists
several other options--all good ones.

Hope some of this helps ...
Best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

> I am working on my first website and I am finding that in an effort to
> a consistent look and feel, that I am doing a lot of repetitive coding.
> I am searching for a tool that will reduce this tedium and generate html
> files to use as starting points...something that will take an input html
> template file and a second file that contains specific page
> information/names with the output being the starting points.
> For example...Lets say that my site has five pages, MainPage, Page1,
> Page3 and Page4.  I know that I want each page to look like
> Is there a tool that will take MyTemplate.html and produce MainPage.html,
> Page1.html, Page2.html, Page3.html and Page4.html?
> Ed
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