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Statistics for browsers, operating systems, etc. is always a real
controversy as everyone using the product shown will be offering six kinds
of reasons why the stats are flawed because their favorite whatever was not
shown in a better light. Sometimes, we ALL tend to get a little silly over

And--to an extent--they will ALL be partially right. No one site can
possibly give the whole picture. Still, EVERY one of them will give stats
that are very different from some of the "truths" you hear bandied about.
This always leaves one in doubt.

However--in general--you can take any one of them for a "rough" estimate of
"what's happening out there" ...

Just remember--the only thing that counts is the makeup of YOUR visitors.
The percentages due vary with geography, subjects, IQ and salary, among
several dozen others.

So--Here is just one.

This page shows operating systems. Note the links under Technology at the
upper left of the page. Here, you will also see Browsers and other stats
that you can click on.

But MARK MY WORDS --- You will almost surely get replies to this message
pointing out how inaccurate the stats are.

For example, I see today that Macs are around 3.7%. That is not going to set
well with those eating from the Apple tree. Gosh--and the poor Opera lovers
were not even mentioned. Leads one to believe those running this site are
all rock listeners ...???

But HEY --- I tried.

Best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

> I am looking for brower statistics....just simple statistics...
> Of all internet browsers used...X % were Windows platform, Y % were
> Macintosh, Z% Unix etc.
> Of all internet Windows browsers used...X % were IE, Y % Netscape, Z%
> etc.
> Of all internet Mac browsers used...X % were IE, Y % Netscape, Z% Opera
> Of all internet Unix browsers used...X % were IE, Y % Netscape, Z% Opera
> etc.
> Of all IE used, X% were 5.5, Y% were 5.0 etc. and similarly for other
> browsers...
> Actually, if browsers features are similar across multiple platforms (i.e.
> website will look the same viewed with IE 4.0 on Windows as it will on
> Mac....etc) then I don't care about the statistics broken into platform
> groups....
> Where can I find this information located in a concise and readable form?
> Ed
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