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 Date:  Sat, 11 Sep 1999 09:37:44 -0700
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I realize that there are "some" who for various reasons, still
cling to plain text. This list for example. However, in the
context of the original thread, if someone sends you HTML e-mail
you can hazard a guess that they are both capable and willing to
receive mail in that form in return.

With all due respect, your "wasted bandwidth" is a normal, viable
means of communicating for most businesses. It is so much easier
to drag and drop an image right into the message than to "attach"
an image and takes no more bandwidth than attaching the thing.
And as attachments are the source of many of the virus
infestation, I would surely think many are far more worried over
attachments than bandwidth.

We also, routinely, send e-mails with snippets of code, font
samples, and other HTML, showing some object or idea back and
forth to clients and I'm sure we are not the ONLY office to do

I hope you are not suggesting we all go back to Federal
Expressing Zips or floppies just to send a few JPEG's.

I do not mean to be disrespectful but please remember that many
members of this list are doing this as a business, not a hobby.
We need to take advantage of the new technology that has become
available in the last few years. If some mail service and/or
ISP's servers are too small to handle our needs we will be
getting a new one darn quick.

And so I stick by my original statement. "If you are like most of
us, a lot of your e-mail will be sent as HTML."

Again, no disrespect and best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

>In article <005c01befae4$fe888580$0100007f@localhost>, Ted Temer
><temer(at)> writes
>>If you are like most of us, a large amount of your e-mail will
>>normally be sent as HTML.
>I would be very, very wary of following this advice. A
>(albeit diminishing) number of people's mail clients cannot
handle HTML.
>Many other people object to it on principle, and refuse to read
>Sending a message as both HTML and plain text (slightly more
>doubles the size of the message and some people get quite
agitated at
>the waste of bandwidth. You may think that view is unreasonable
>unless you know the recipient of your message is not one of
>people, why risk it?
>Just my groat's worth.
>Dave McLaughlin
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