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 Date:  Fri, 20 Apr 2001 08:19:02 -0500
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I played with your table this morning. Tried everything I could think of to
center that table, but nothing seemed to work. Until..... I added
align="center" in your beginning div tag. Worked perfectly. <grin>

<DIV class=center align="center">


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> At 09:16 PM 4/19/01 -0700, Larry Coats wrote:
> >bkrWeb Services wrote:
> >
> > > I have what I consider an odd situation.  I have a page at
> > > which uses a table for layout.
> > > order to center this table I have enclosed it in a <.div> tag using
> > > class="center" where .center has been defined as text--align: center.
> > > works in IE and NS4.7, but not in Opera 5.  I have attempted to
> > > this arrangement on another site.  This one is at
> > > .  This one does not center in
> > > NS4.7.  Any ideas why?  I have actually removed the <.div> and
replaced it
> > > with align="center" inside the <.table> tag and it still didn't
> > > work.  Please don't tell me to not worry about the small number of
> > > who use NS -- the staff at the conference center ALL use it.
> >
> >I haven't looked at the first one, but I did take a look at the 2nd one
> >Netscape.
> >
> >Seems Netscape gets a little confused now and then by what should be
> >valid alignment requests. The very first row in the table has
> >in the <.td> tag. If you take it out, the table centers. You can put the
> >class="center" into the <.tr> tag and it still works fine, so that seems
> >the fix this table. One of those little mysteries of Netscape. Shrug.
> >
> >Larry Coats
> That center is in the <.td> tag to center the Stronghold logo at the top
> the page.  If I take it out, then the logo is off to the side.  I may just
> have to decide which situation I'd rather live with.   My choice of course
> would be for all browser to render all pages the way I want them to!
> Thanks.
> Kathie

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