Good Book for Learning JavaScript

by "Edward and Cassandra Sharpe" <sharpe(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 21 Sep 1999 16:37:43 -0500
 To:  "HWG BASICS" <hwg-basics(at)>
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I like "Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 hours"  by Sams Publishing for
three reasons.

(1)  Every chapter is a lesson with quiz and exercises at the end.
(2)  The examples and lessons implement techniques that you might really
want use in a web page.  It even touches on using JavaScript with
stylesheets.  In other words, it goes well beyond the "Hello, World"
(3)  It breaks the subject matter into small digestible pieces.  I found it
very easy to follow without a lot of useless jokes.

You'll definitely need a more sophisticated text like the O'Reilly book
everyone else is raving about.  (I think it is great, too).  But this is a
great starting point.


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