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So if I understand this correctly, .ORG is a tax exempt organization, .COM
is a commercial business and EDU is for a college school or university, NET
is for a network and GOV is for government.
What's left for the rest of us?


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> > As to .org, where would anyone EVER draw the line. Certainly I think my
> > Radio Control model airplane club is an organization. In fact, just what
> > an organization?? To the Republicans and Democrats, each may consider
> > own party to be .gov and the other's party to be .com. (or worse)
> > are both pretty well organized.
> The original intent of the .org suffix was that it be for not-for-profit
> organizations.
> In the USA, for instance, an entity recognized by the IRS as a 503(c)
> tax-exempt organization, and registered under the Charitable
> Solicitation Act with the Attorney General's Office would qualify for an
> .org suffix.
> The aforementioned Radio Ccntrol model airplane club, even if it was run
> on a volunteer and not-for-profit basis, if it did not have official IRS
> (or other valid, recognized) legal documentation stating it was a
> tax-exempt not-for-profit organization would not qualify for an .org
> suffix.
> So, if the KKK has the proper paperwork, they would qualify, and if they
> didn't have the proper paperwork, they would not.
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