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by "Ted Temer" <temer(at)>

 Date:  Sat, 25 Sep 1999 10:23:41 -0700
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As your question about CSS in Netscape seems to remain
unanswered, I will attempt at least partial objectivity toward an
unanswerable question.

Sorry -- I'm afraid you just have to put up with it if you want
to go that far--at this time--with CSS.

Netscape is always a version or so behind IE when it comes to
"goodie" support and this is just one example.

Like all of us, you are now forced to make the choice between the

1. Remove the offending CSS and rely on html and tables, etc. to
position your work. (in FP 2000, turn on both NN and IE
compatibility) Look at some of the large, commercial sites. They
have very few fancy features. They then have both the advantage
of browser compatibility and rapid page loading.

2. Go ahead with what you have done and take "some" comfort in
IE's larger base, knowing you will only lose about one-third of
your visitors. (Don't laugh, we get clients that request we do
just that.!!) What percentage you actually lose depends a lot on
the target audience.

3. Similar to number two above, except that you do a redesign so
that when the page degrades in Netscape, it will still make some
kind of sense.

4. Use a cookie or Java app to detect browsers and go to the work
of making separate sites for different browsers. (OK for "fun"
sites but usually cost prohibitive on a high maintenance,
commercial site.)

The "older browser" problem is something we just have to live
with and adjust for on every site we do. In a practical sense,
you have to draw your own lines, "somewhere". There are several
discussion groups that do nothing but agonize over this very

Sadly--when you do, finally, get it to work on an acceptable
fashion, some unkind sole is bound to point out--usually in a
group like this--that your compromise you have worked on for days
... now fails to "validate" at his favorite place of worship.

If I may quote from "Anna and the King of Siam" ...

"Tis a puzzlement !!"

Best wishes:
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

>Hi people,
>I have a very simple question in regards to CSS 2.
>Is it just me or does netscape not support the positioning
feature of
>I know that the code I have been using works in IE 5
>But in netscape 4.5 and 4.6 it only displays the image in the
top left
>Is this usual for netscape and is there a way around it?
>Or do we just have to put up with this?

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