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 Date:  Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:08:54 -0500
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I'm sorry, but this sounds like standard operating procedures as far as my
experiences with HWG's courses. I took one back in June/July, which was rife
with problems throughout the entire six weeks, and for which no one in the
class has yet received a certificate of completion (8 weeks after completion
of the class). This in spite of numerous appeals to every e-mail address
that can be found on the HWG website, including the president of the company
and the person in charge of the on-line courses. No one seems to be
listening. To be honest, I'm skeptical about taking any more classes, based
on this experience.


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> >I'm just checking to see if anyone is there. I haven't had any mail
> from
> >this list in the last couple of days and that is highly unusual.
> >
> >If there is a problem, could someone let me know.
> I am beginning to wonder if there is a problem somewhere within HWG's
> system. I was supposed to have started the web accessibility course
> yesterday but I have not been granted access to the classroom. I can
> reach the ones for the previous courses I have done but not for the one
> I was supposed to have started yesterday.
> I tried emailing the query address on the classes page nearly 24 hours
> ago and have had no response so far. If anything I am guilty of
> enrolling too early rather than too late as I enrolled over 2 months
> before the course started. I deliberately kept the confirmation message
> in case I needed to prove I had enrolled.
> Any suggestions on how to access what seems to have become the most
> inaccessible accessibility course around?
> Susan

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