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by "Ted Temer" <temer(at)>

 Date:  Sat, 28 Apr 2001 17:38:13 -0700
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I would not think the media used, (PDF, etc.) would imply any special
intent. After all, there is nothing simpler than a direct copy and paste,
right from the text on the web site. Often some sources may make material
available for their "customers" but many balk at having others "publish" it
without a credit line.

I share your frustration with those who never return e-mails. I never did
get a reply from UPN TV.

However--if you are looking for sources for articles and news, etc. that is
free for the taking, try:

Article Resource Association,
Tons of articles. Pictures too. All they ask is a credit line reference to
them. You can download or have them e-mailed or faxed to you.

Also They have a applet that goes right on your page which
THEY update automatically. (Gosh, I wish Gist TV did the same.)

You can see it at:

(Have a cup of coffee until the monster page loads and then scroll down near
the bottom.)

7AM News,  offers a free News/sports ticker and/or a news page
you can add to your site. You can subscribe to the types of information you
want to include.

All of the above spell out your permission to use their stories.

And of course, don't overlook the public press Releases on most of the TV

There are lots more but since my client has "retired" my need to keep the
magazine current has waned somewhat.

OK--So I'm lazy!!

Again, best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

> Thanks for the comments Ted.  Definately good advice to carefully consider
> the content and the source.
> It's more straight forward for me as I'm looking at posting press releases
> from a government site...hmmm on second thought maybe I should reconsider
> the source!
> I've also looked at information on and some of the press
> releases start off with Attention News Editors etc... so it seems like
> are offering their content for distribution.
> I just wish they would state that somewhere..  "may distribute in whole or
> in part with reference to the source as copyright owner".. or there
> While I've been sourcing content - I've been contacting the source sites..
> and for news sources like the Toronto Star for instance the response has
> been positive .. to extract a headline, lead paragraph and then a
> to the full article on their site.  I could do the same with press
> but I'm trying to reduce the outbound traffic from our site by limiting
> external links.
> This brings up another question.  I often find sites that offer
> white papers etc.. in pdf file to view or download.  That implies some
> of unrestricted distribution, but I'm not sure whether permissions are
> required to post the pdf on my site.  OF the 3 organizations I've
> with this request only one got back to me with an OK - the other 2 never
> responded.
> What do you think about pdf distribution and required permissions?
> susan

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