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I--for one--have never heard of the requirement that the suffix .edu be
limited to "four year colleges".

Of course, I must quickly qualify this by saying that although Fuzzy claims
to be the most uninformed person on this list, I truly suspect the "honor"
goes to me.

Still--a little over a year ago, my client, Tri-Media Marketing, did a web
site for one of those religious "propaganda" centers--not a school, just a
place to hand out publicity--and he had no trouble setting up the site with
a .edu domain name. I also see several self styled "training" centers use
.edu and they are about as commercial as you can get.

As to .org, where would anyone EVER draw the line. Certainly I think my
Radio Control model airplane club is an organization. In fact, just what IS
an organization?? To the Republicans and Democrats, each may consider their
own party to be .gov and the other's party to be .com. (or worse) But--they
are both pretty well organized.

The Ku Klux Klan for example--may be filled with what are universally
considered to be evil and rather less than the "sharpest" of individuals,
but they are still an organization. So--who is to say they can not use an
.org domain. (Actually comes up to a page titled
offering vanity e-mail and a lot of links. Go, figure??)

Or they could be a .net for that matter. Come to that, just what IS a
network?? (Don't try or you'll spend the next fifteen minutes
closing mysterious pop-ups.)

It seems to me that this is a very, very ambiguous area that would be
imposable to define and even harder to keep track of. And I would think it
would soon lead us down the black and evil path toward censorship.

It is sort of like some self righteous moron, setting out with a twelve bore
shotgun to rid the world of what he considers undesirables. After he is
finished with rock "musicians" and TV evangelists, where does he stop?? But
of course, if this guy IS a rock listener  ... ?????

Hey--We might ALL have to hide.

Best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

> I read someplace that only four year colleges and universities were
allowed to use .edu addresses and that they were actually taking them away
from community colleges.
> A similar situation has been rumored for .org addresses.
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