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Hi Edgar

You can't copyright a company name.  Copyright is for original created
works, eg something you've written, or painted, or a graphic, or a piece of
music, etc.

All countries have laws and guidelines that determine how you can establish
a company name.  So how you go about it very much depends on where in the
world you live!

You could check your local library for books on forming your own company
that relate to the laws in your country, or perhaps your country has some
sort of free Citizen's or legal advice bureau where you could go for
information and advice.  As well as books, your library may well have an
information centre or librarian who you could ask for advice on where to
get the information you need.

It might be worth checking with your local high street banks - here in the
UK, all the large banks have free information packs about setting up your
own business / company, which, as well as giving financial advice and
trying to persuade you that you really want to open a business account with
them, have lots of useful advice and information about what you should
consider and where you should go, with lots of sources of further

If you have Chambers of Commerce, your local Chamber may be able to provide
you with information, or at least point you to the best places to find out
what you need to know.

You could see if your government has a website - that may well point you
towards sources of information and advice available either centrally or

I'm sure there are lots of other ways of finding out the information you're
looking for, but hopefully that's given you some pointers to get you
started.  :-)

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From: Edgar Powell, Jr. <edgar(at)>

> I would like to know there is a requirement to get a copyright for my
> company name,
> which I am also making plans to use it on my website.
> If you suggest that I get a copyright for my company name,  who should I
> contact, what steps
> should I take in getting this done?

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