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by "Ted Temer" <temer(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:43:14 -0700
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Pat and Dave:

Just out of curiosity, just WHAT software makes the following on a page??

> I see "MSHTML 5.50.4807.2300" (obviously a Microsoft product) in the
> code...

Granted, having "MS" as part of anything makes one suspicious that Microsoft
may be involved. I knew it certainly was not FrontPage 98 or 2000. So I
immediately did a web page in both Word and Publisher but neither showed the
above notation. I hunted through and found a page done in the old InterDev
but still drew a blank. Course it might have been NotePad. More people
create messed up code with NotePad than with any other "HTML editor" that
Microsoft produces.

In fact, I have tried everything on my machine and I have a LOT of MS
products. Nothing--that I have at least--capable of saving as an HTML page,
shows this strange notation.

And--as Pat claims that such pages messes up Netscape, I know it isn't
FrontPage, as all my current webs are done in FrontPage (now using FP2000
with compatibility for both IE and NS activated) and all show up just fine
in Netscape (well, 4.7 at least)

So--I admit I'm curious. I've heard of the methods of using a piece of
software causing trouble--but never the software itself.

Is the above some sort of a DOCTYPE declaration?? (With both FP and NotePad
you can use any DOCTYPE you want.) And just HOW does it mess up Netscape??
And just what brand of skill saw was it anyway ... that made the whole house
fall down??

Best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

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