Table extending beyond the right of the screen?

by "Hostway Generic" <myseraph(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 3 Apr 2001 02:22:55 -0700
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Hello. :)

I'm working on a table-design for my new website, and am having some trouble
getting it to fit onto the screen properly.

My page's design is a series of nested tables (tying it all into one
complicated table ended up getting things screwed due to mixing of percent
and pixel widths).

The first table divides the screen into two columns. Column A is fixed-width
to match an image; Columb B is everything else.

Column B contains a new table with two columns -- C and D. D is fixed-width
to match a menu (which is another table, pulled in dynamically from later),
and C is the entire inner region, which i'll divide into lots of rows with
yet another table. :)

Now; here's my problem. The menu on the far right extends a bit past the
edge of my screen, which is 800x600. On my other computer, running at
960x720, it looks fine.

What am I doing wrong?

Actual page is at

Forgive the formatting, please. I'm half-editing it in Homesite, and
half-editing it in a www textbox :)



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