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Big Question, Rachel...:).

You need to know a) how to set it up and manipulate it on the server, and b)
what email client your clients are using.

a) This can vary depending on the server, and the OS.  Some providers demand
that their resellers do it (as I do at TVCNet), and others insist on doing
it for you.  If you already know how to set up email accounts on your
server, you have this part defeated...:).

b) whether or not you can easily set up email accounts on your client's
machine depends on the software they are using.  Outlook Express 5.x is
easy...just go to Tools->Accounts.   Navigator is have to set
up a whole new identity, and switch between them to check multiple accounts.
AOL is can only check AOL mail using their software.  I
usually leave this to the clients as a service they need to provide for
themselves.  It's part of the OS and apps on their local machine, and I draw
the line at the web site...I am simply not a PC Technician.  However, if you
do involve yourself (and I have, despite the rule), there are two options
that make sense:

1) Have them use Outlook Express.  Microsoft actually made something quite
well here.  It can check multiple accounts in a flash, automatically (I
check about 8 every 15 minutes, 24/7, without doing anything except the
setup).  Accounts are easy to set up, work reliable, and can be individually
customized (different signatures, stationary, etc).  Sending involves
bringing up the New Message window, and selecting the appropriate identity
from a drop-list.  The address book handles individuals and distribution

2) Eudora or Pandora.  Free options (Lite versions) with inexpensive
upgrades that allow full functionality (Like OE5, with dictionary, multiple
accounts, etc).  Find them in any search engine, they are quite famous.
Read the help files for identities.

I would suggest that you be cautious getting involved on the PC level unless
you are a qualified Tech.  Anything can happen when installing and
configuring applications, especially in Windows machines because it *looks*
so easy, and you might find yourself with a client who suddenly has lost
data or a persistant software problem.  Since that client was following the
advice of a pro (that's you!), guess who needs to clean up the mess?


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From: Rachel

How do I set up the email? I have the site hosted and all but do I need togo
to the clients computer to set it up or what?? If they have a personal email
how do I set up the business email so they know which is which?
PLease give complete instructions or send URL?
Thank you all once again I am learning
Rachel Szilagyi

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