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by "Tim and Jaime Hartpence" <cobrah(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 2 Sep 1999 19:35:16 -0500
 To:  "Ted Temer" <temer(at)>,
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Your entire message was "in extreme bad taste."

I, for one, do not admire your pontification, nor your endless slurs and

So let me assure you that this list is housed in the United States, where
the First Amendment protects *all* forms of religion and allows its citizens
to speak about them.

While I may not be a perfect Christian, at least I can honestly thank God
that I don't find myself on the inside of your hardened shell.


Jaime Hartpence

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Subject: Re: Off topic but what JMJ means

>I realize that you may be so totally absorbed in your faith that
>you are blind to the fact that your remarks are being directed to
>an international list, representing hundreds of individual
>faiths--each one every bit as valid as yours.
>It is also quite obvious that your "explanation" is deliberate
>and manipulative.
>The newscasts each week, being filled with news of people of
>"faith" killing each other over that faith, I would think the
>faithful would have sense enough not to try to jam their faith
>down everyone else's throat.
>I see I am wrong. So let me assure you that at least one person
>on this list places you in the same category as those fruitcakes
>who hold up John 3:16 signs at football games. I have nothing
>against your "religions" but your actions are in incredibly bad
>Now that you have "explained" those initials I hope you will have
>the decency to stop using them, along with the "scripture" in
>your signature.
>Otherwise, best wishes:
>Ted Temer
>Temercraft Designs Redding, CA
>>Since so many have aske d & I have responded privately I hope
>that those of
>>you who don't care or know will not mind me replying to the list
>in whole. I
>>am a ROman Catholic and JMJ is a short way of asking Jesus, MAry
>and Joseph
>>to watch over my writings or work. It is just a part of me and I
>start all
>>emails, letters and correspondence with it.
>>Rachel Szilagyi
>>Roman Express
>>A Word Gallery
>>He that hideth his sins, shall not prosper: but he that shall
>confess ,
>>and forsake them, shall obtain mercy. Proverbs 28:13.

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