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by "Starr Wolf Design" <starrwolfdesign(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 29 Sep 1999 18:04:11 -0500
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Evening List Members:

I know there are a number of you who can field this issue.

I am wondering what the significant differences are (if any) between PSP5
and PSP6. It seems the ink hasn't dried on the box for v5 and they are
already pumping v6 and discontinuing v5.

We have v4 and v5 and there are some good differences that justified the
upgrade. However, I am skeptical about v6 being out so quick at the heels of

I am looking for feedback from you that have played with 5 and 6 enough to
tell me if the upgrade is worth it.

I am especially interested in knowing what you have to say about the
advertised vectoring capabilities of 6 and just what this program can do in
that area.

I am not interested in DL'ing the trial version. I am against DL'ing trial
software without thorough investigation first. That way it reduces the
registry and HD clean up to be done if it's a wash.

Thanks for your time and input in advance.


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