Screen Resolution/Display Property Settings in IE5

by "Windsong" <chester(at)>

 Date:  Sat, 4 Sep 1999 16:51:34 -0400
 To:  "hwg-basics" <hwg-basics(at)>
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Hi Gang

In thinking about screen resolutions and size I began poking around in my
Display Property Settings:
The settings there are  at  (Monitor is 15inch..)640x480 32 bit true
color(and it's been swell I have been completely happy with that..BUT...the
times they are a changin')

When I changed the settings to 800x600 and restarted the computer the fonts
on my desktop are tiny and the view of the desktop does not fill the screen
therefore causing me great anguish, gnashing of teeth, and  hesitantancy to
design in the 800x600 size.
I don't believe this is  an IE problem but something I need to adjust or
Billy Gates would not have left this to chance surely!

<display challenged and groping for the truth>

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