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I was able to see the background on the first page just fine with MSIE 5.0
release, but since it said it was optimized for viewing ONLY with Netscape I
looked no further. That was enough of an unfriendly statement for my taste.
I NEVER use Netscape for anything except viewing my own pages to see if they
can be viewed at all with it. I can't see using a product that is so badly
crippled and non-compliant.
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: Hi Everyone,
: I have a question which may have been addressed before but not sure.
: My website is viewable with all the "bells and whistles" in Netscape. But
: recently I have found that with IE people cannot see the Backgrounds to
: pages. Is there something I am missing to format it for IE??
: Any advice would be appreciated.
: Thanks
: Sharon
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