Re: Resolution Sniffer?

by "Ted Temer" <temer(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 9 Sep 1999 17:00:23 -0700
 To:  <hwg-basics(at)>
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Make a different page for every screen resolution??

I'm not so pompous as to say No Way. --

But still, in a philosophical sense, somewhere, someplace, we
have to draw a line in our virtual sand and say enough is enough.

When the salesman allows a client to grind him down to just a few
hundred dollars for that twelve page site--and then keeps 30-50%
as his/her commission.

And then you spend HOURS on the phone or at the clients office
BEGGING for the images to scan and the text that you will have to
OCR. It's never digital.

Then after your mock up--You know, the one the salesman did not
do to earn his commission--the client want's it all changed. Of
course it must work in EVERY browser known to mankind from two
cans tied to a string, on down.

And then they think they'd kinda like frames--but don't forget to
make a non-frames alternate version. Oh yes, and one for IE and
Netscape so the Java will work. Don't forget the cookies so it
will be automatic.

And after it's done--then, and only then, do you find out this
particular ISP requires all the SSI pages to be .shtml. Sure
CuteFTP will fix the extensions as you upload but all those LINKS
have to be changed from .htm to .shtml.

And now you say -- we need to duplicate the whole works for
several different screen resolutions Gosh--even my Golden Lab
would be working for less than minimum woof.

Instead -- What we should all do is vow to construct all our
sites from now on for 4+ browsers and 640x480, (centered so they
won't look too bad in 600x800) and let the rest take care of
themselves. We have enough on our plate just trying to make sure
they will pass muster with Bobby without trying to make it all
look good on Palm Pilots or Web TV.

No technology in the history of man has ever worked until there
was some sort of conformity. This group could do the web design
community a lot of good by establishing size standards rather
than chasing every stray electron that flickers our screen.

Less than practical perhaps, but how's that for a soapbox?

I suggest that all replies be off list or take this over to the
techniques. Even though it seems pretty Basic to me I am probably
alone in that thought.

Best wishes all.
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

>With all the talk lately about designing for different screen
resolutions, I
>was wondering if there would be a way (maybe using a
javascript?) to sniff
>out a users browser size, to direct to different pages or
ideally to use
>different style sheet settings or something...  Any ideas?

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