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The solution is easy.....

It has everything you could need there......

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Edward and Cassandra Sharpe schrieb:
> This message has nothing to do with HTML.
> I screwed up my computer and I need a Windows 95 startup disk.  If anyone
> out there has windows 95 and knows where I can download a startup disk or
> can send me the files to make one, I would be most appreciative.

Dear cassandra,

it is very easy making yourself an emergency disk. Use Start > Control
Panel > Sytemconfig >Software. There you click ion the tab "Startdisk".
there you have to click on only dispayed button inside. You do not need
to know the handling of .Cab - files.
Sein oder nicht sein, das ist nicht die Frage. Denn man kann nicht nicht
sein :) . Leider...

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