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 Date:  Tue, 28 Sep 1999 10:47:01 -0700
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An .art file ???

When I read your question, I pulled down the manual for Canvas 6
cuz it imports EVERYTHING. -- But not .art ?? I also checked MS
Publisher 98 but no dice.

If your question related to saving a picture saved as .art into
something else and you have a Windows machine, you could:

Call it up in IE as you say it displays it.
Select, (Highlight), it and Choose copy or use Control-C.

Open a program like Canvas, Publisher, Quark Express, that
handles both Vector and Bitmapped images and Paste, (Control-V),
it on a page.

Then select the image in your program and Choose Save As >
Selected Object Only and Save it as any format you wish.

What you have done is allow Windows Clipboard to do the
"conversion" for you. It this doesn't work, I'm stumped. (If ANY
program on your machine had the proper filter, it should have
been loaded and included in with all the other Windows file
conversion filters.)

Hope this tad of non-information helps in some way. It saddens me
to admit that .art files are included in the half dozen or so,
things in this world that I am NOT an expert at. (Ending a
sentence with "at" is a literary privilege for pompous
novelists--do not try this at home.)

Best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

>Does any program besides IE read those infernal .art graphics
>Virginia's Visions

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