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You are right about FrontPage bringing in business. My primary client, Mike,
(Tri-Media Marketing), and I both advocated FrontPage to those do it
yourself clients. Between us, we must have sold several dozen copies for We
Willie Gates.

Of course, nearly half of them, then hollered for help. Mike jumped in here
and started Consulting for a fee.

The Negatives were:

- Mike spent so much time at this, his sales, (and thus, my
   business), went way down.
- Soon his "web" business dropped to almost nothing.
  You can't be selling, consulting and working on webs
  all at the same time.

The Positives are:

- He made so much consulting, he is now doing it full time.
- As I was already retired, I can now do a few web sites,
  a little graphics work for my buddy that owns a print shop
  and finally get some time for my writing.

So you might say that FrontPage alone, created a full time job for Mike. And
for that matter, even I still get calls from time to time. To save myself
hours of time, I now use and advocate FrontPage 2000 and often use it's neat
ability to "Show Tags" in the WYSIWYG view as a training tool.

BTW--None of us use the Extensions. Most features requiring them are also
externally available as add-in CGI or by using JavaScript, etc.

In a similar vein, Microsoft Word certainly did NOT put many typesetters out
of work. It is just that now--the typesetters are using Word themselves to
greatly enhance their productivity.

Nor--for that matter--did QuickBooks put accountants out of business. But do
you know of any accountant these days that does NOT use a computer

Best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

> >>Sorry Ted, I didn't read past this point in your reply yet, but this
> >>begs me to ask:
> >>
> >>Have *you* ever met a (serious) business person that had time to turn
> >>customers away? How about frustrate and maybe even anger customers -
> >>at random?
> >
> >Basically I advised Jennifer to simplify the task for her client and
> >have the client buy the tool to do the work--IF-- that is really what
> >her client wanted to do. Granted--she might give it some thought
> >before she asks her client to buy a copy of FP for her own use.
> This could actually be a very good way for Jennifer to get the maintenace
> work herself. A lot of people buy FP thinking, "I can do that!" and
> come to realize that there is a REASON why web designers/engineers have a
> profession and usually get paid pretty well.
> Once her client understands the time involved not only in design, but
> compliance and troubleshooting she just may give the task to Jennifer.
> the 10th or 20th person calls on the phone to say, "I am trying to pull up
> your website, but X isn't working," Jennifer may find herself back in the
> loop.
> For my money, FP is the best thing that could have ever happened to our
> business!!
> Chris M. Kasper
> Associate Web Engineer
> The SoftAd Group, Inc.
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> chris_kasper(at)
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