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chmod is the Unix/*nix method of setting the file attributes, or
permissions.  In DOS terms, this would be very similar to "attrib" to set
file attributes to "hidden", "system", and "read only".

When using the "3-digit" method, from left to right, the first digit
represents the the permissions set for the owner of the file, the second
digit represents the "group" (as assigned by the server administrator, most
are "user"), and the last digit sets the permission for the "world".

Again, referring the the "3-digit" method, this is the "octal"
representation of the 7 possibilities of each digit, "read", "write", and
"execute".  In most cases, you set a .cgi script to "755" giving "you" as
the owner, full rights, "group" and "world" would have "read" and "execute"

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>When I was about to upload a cgi script to my server, it said set chmod to
>number. What is it (chmod not the number)?
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