Re: Cross platform issue (Mac)

by "Jami" <designsbydusty(at)>

 Date:  Sat, 8 Sep 2001 13:57:23 -0500
 To:  "Lauren Hanka" <bluejay(at)>,
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OK, I can see that you've used both green and orange text against a white
background. I also see part of both text colors that is displayed in a
bolder font. (Lovely page, btw.) What I was referring to was that perhaps
some text colors won't show up bold against certain background colors. (I
use IE 6)


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> Jami, I think you're on to something... The text in question *IS* a
> different color than the body text...
> You can see at:
> Lauren
> > Could this be a matter of what colors are used, both for the page and
> > the text? I have a site that I'm building that uses arial, white text on
> > black page, and <.strong> doesn't show up on it, either.
> >> So, does anyone
> > > know why arial will not render BOLD, and how to correct that?

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