Re: Javascript: Good Book for Learning?

by "Donna M Smillie" <dms(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 21 Sep 1999 19:07:16 +0100
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I bought the O'Reilly "Javascript: The Definitive Guide" a while ago, and
it's an excellent reference book, extremely informative and well laid out.
I'm not sure how well I'd have got on with it as a "beginner's guide" to
Javascript, though.  Instead, I started out with "The Complete Idiot's
Guide to Javascript", and found that really excellent for learning the
basics.  Well worth looking at.

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From: erin <ravenl(at)>

> I am in the same boat as you are and I've found that, for most languages,
> the O'Reilly publishing company does AMAZING books.  The have one called
> "Javascript:  The Definative Guide".

> At 11:19 AM 9/21/99, Wayne Fisher wrote:

> >I was wondering if anyone more experienced with Javascript might be able
> >to recommend a good book that could instruct me on coding, techniques,
> >form, etc.  I am well-versed in HTML, but I do not have a programming
> >background and would like to learn Javascript to enhance my "web
> >toolbox".
> >The book, ideally, would have:
> >1. Individual lessons, where each lesson would cover a single topic.
> >2.  Exercises after each lesson to practice the new material.
> >3.  The book should be written such that a non-programmer (like me) can
> >pick up the scripting language without having a programming background.
> >Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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