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Subject: Re: Frameset query

>> You will have a frame containing a navigation bar, for argument sake,
>> assume it's on the top, or "banner frame".  The other frame, or "main
>> would then contain a page that would maybe break into another set of

Here's one of many possibilities.

First, create a page that fits the needs of your "Home Page" layout.

Carefully, copy the sections of this page and paste to a new page containing
only this section.  In other words, only copy the navigation section.  Do
the same for each of these sections, eventually calling these new pages from
your frameset page.

If you take the time and specify your margins with care, your page may be
able to load the first frames page over the existing page with very little
noticable change.  I've seen the reverse of this technique done many times.

Now, just because you have a frames page doesn't mean a user with a
non-frames browser can't see anything.  It entails some duplication of web
pages, but in the long run, I think it will be a less work than your

A lot of people see the "This page has been designed for frames, and your
browser doesn't ......." in the "<noframes>" area when using some web
authoring tools.  This section can actually contain a complete web page to
be displayed to a non-frames web client.  If you design your supplemental
pages to be navigable from a set of links on either the top or bottom of
each page, page duplication becomes minimal.

A link in a frames page (using only HTML) can only refresh or load 1 frame
for each click.  However, the frame you load can also be another frames
page.  Tracking each frame window can be confusing and very tiring.  This
technique also gives the illusion of doing the impossible.

Take a look at .  The first page looks like a simple
3 frames page but in effect, a total of 5 separate web pages are being
loaded.  The index.html is split vertically, the "main navigation" page in
the left frame, and another horizontally split frames page in the right
frame.  The top of the right frame loads a "section navigation" page, with
the main content in the lower frame.

The site has changed considerably since my initial creation about a year
ago, but the owner of the site has kept the basic layout.  The index.html
used to have a completely navigable section to allow access to the entire
web.  Now, it looks as if the owner went to the "This is a frames page....."
section instead.  This site actually passed HTML 4.0 validation when
originally released.  Thankfully the current owner had the thought to remove
the flags.

>I want the main index page to be totally WITHOUT frames so that users
>frames enabled can accress it.  However,  I want it to look like the pages
>frames (a navbar on the left) to keep the feel of the site intact.
>When the visitor selects a link from the selaction, this will then lauch a
>set of
>frames, based on whichever one of six choices is made.
>Basically, I want to be able to pass the name of the selected page - say
>to a function that will then load up the frameset with the navbar on the
>left and
>xyz.htm in the main frame. However, a visitors different choice could
>zzz.htm being the first page in the main frame.
>I hope this clarifies it - my brain is going to sleep here (11pm having
>bowling this evening!)
>Mark Harvey
>> paul
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>> From: Mark Harvey <bowling(at)>
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>> Date: Sunday, September 26, 1999 12:54 PM
>> Subject: Frameset query
>> >
>> >Hi,
>> >
>> >I have a query I hope you may be able to help me with.
>> >
>> >I'm working on a frames based site to keep a navigation bar on screen.
>> >What I want is to have a main index page without frames - but a similar
>> >layout to the framed section - call up the frameset and the particular =
>> >page selected form the menu, navigation thereafter handled by the nav =
>> >bar in the frameset.  I don't know of any way of calling up a selection
>> >of one of six pages, just the one page normally mentioned in the =
>> ><frameset> pair. Is there any way of doing this in HTML that I am =
>> >unaware of, or with a CGI program? I want to stay away from javascript =
>> >for this if I can because of those who browse without javascript.
>> >
>> >Many thanks in advance,
>> >
>> >Mark Harvey.
>> >
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