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by "Paul Rudolf" <paul(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 13 Sep 1999 15:54:27 -0700
 To:  "Edward and Cassandra Sharpe" <sharpe(at)>,
"HWG BASICS" <hwg-basics(at)>
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Some counter programs require that your web page have the extension to allow
for "Server Side Includes".  If your provider is running a linux based web
server, you may need to rename the file to .shtml.  Some Windows or NT Web
servers may need the extension of .htm-ssi.

If your provider is supplying the program for your counter script, they
should also provide a "how-to" somewhere on their site for proper

Hope this helps.


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From: Edward and Cassandra Sharpe <sharpe(at)>
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Date: Monday, September 13, 1999 1:28 PM
Subject: Counter won't display

>I am trying to implement a counter on my web page.  The CGI program works,
>but the graphics don't display in my web page.
>Direct link to counter
>I am not at all familiar with the tags to place a counter in an HTML page.
>Any hints are appreciated.

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