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Hi Sharon!

Server Side Includes is a function of the Web Server, not the Operating

I'm running Apache, and "file=" doesn't work, at least the way I have my
system configured.  "virtual=" does.  According the the docs for apache, the
space between html" --> has to be eliminated.  The SSI stuff is extremely
fussy!  No spaces after the <!-- and no spaces before -->

One way of finding out what Web Server your ISP is running is to point your
browser to a directory that does NOT have an index.html.  Some web servers
return the name of the server, along with the version.

I've use the ./ numerous times, but remember that any path called from your
template will be assumed to be based on the current directory.  Fully
qualifying paths is usually the best bet.

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Hi List

I'm currently uploading a site that incorporates templates with the help of
server side include command. I'm not particularly familiar with this
and have a couple of basic questions. Firstly, is it possible to write the
template pathway as a relative link, using "../" in the pathname? According
O'Reilly's "Web Design in a Nutshell" it is not possible, but they do not
provide much of an explanation as to why. Secondly, O'Reilly's suggest that
one uses the "virtual" identifier, rather than "file". In my files, I'm
currently using the following syntax:

  <!--#include file="template/template.html" -->

While this works fine, replacing "file" with "virtual" does not. The site is
hosted on a UNIX server. Any hints much appreciated, I'd like to increase my
knowledge on this issue.


Ps Many, many thanks to all those who shared their words of wisdom on
achieving transparency with Photoshop. I think I've got it worked out now...

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