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by "Stephen Hope" <steveh(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 21 Sep 1999 16:30:49 -0400
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A few thoughts (It's all guessing without a few more details about servers

The created on a PC is not an issue (html is markup not executable code).

First guess is the site was designed using one or more of the following: FP
extensions, cold fusion, SSI (server side includes), ASP, or prehaps perl
scripts with an NT server or vise versa, that the server is not configured
to support.

With a little more information on the nature of the site, i.e. requires
secure server, extensive cgi, etc and some of the basic server info, unix
(what flavour Red Hat and Apache with or without SSI...) or NT.

This may be unfair to your MIS guys but the time and price estimate seem
very high for converting a site that is not yet live (in other words you
don't have to stay intergrated with existing parts of a larger site. As it
sounds like you have yet to run this site on a server the cgi, asp, SSI, etc
is not yet in place.... At $50.00 an hour they are claiming 500 hours to
adapt it (boggle) I'm sure I'm not alone among the authors in this list who
would like to bid on this project ;)

Seriously get another quote! (or offer to send them to a local college to
learn batch processing)

Steve Hope

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> My department created a new web site for our company using a PC-based web
> authoring program.  Now our MIS folks say they will have to completely
> rewrite the HTML code (requiring 55 days to the tune of $25 grand) "to be
> compatible" with the server.  Both groups use HTML 4.0.  How can this be?

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