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by "Ted Temer" <temer(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 12 Sep 2001 10:50:44 -0700
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> I do not wish to sound insensitive, but I don't think the HWG Basics list
> the appropriate forum to talk about these things.  This is not a political
> forum.

On the contrary, I monitor several lists, web related as well as graphic and
aviation orented, and EVERY one of them is full of almost nothing but the
horrible events of yesterday. Regardless of the original purpose of any
list, people need--really NEED the chance to vent.

Regardless of who is eventually found resonsable, the tragedy was and is an
act of war. This was no mear insult or slap in the face. This was a
deliberate, calculated, military action that resulted in the deaths of
thousands of United States citizens.

There is no question of whether we are about to go to war. The only question
remaining, is... Who with?? We are way beyond the polite discussion over the
merits of pacificism and whether it is the road to respect. It is now time
for those with the guns to once again, go our and protect all those fine
people who "hate guns".

I realize that there are many people in many other countries who may not
fully grasp the enormity of feelings U.S. citizens feel today. We went to
war over the USS Maine. We went to war over Pearl Harbor. Compaired to what
happened yesterday, those were mear pin pricks.

And yes, this list--and almost every other mailing list--is flat going to be
disrupted for a few days. It is just plain neccessary!!!

Best wishes to all and especally to the victims ...

Ted Temer

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