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Hi Pam

No reason to stop using the CENTER tag.  It's still valid HTML.  Simply you
should bear in mind that it is now deprecated (and so valid in HTML 4.0
Transitional but not HTML 4.0 Strict), which kind of means that it's on the
first step towards being phased out.  But it hasn't been phased out yet -
that will come in a future version of HTML.  Exactly the same situation
applies to the ALIGN attribute for DIV, so there isn't really any need to
change one for the other.

As for EM and STRONG - the situation is slightly different.  These actually
define "emphasis" and "strong emphasis" rather than italic and bold
(although most graphical browsers display them as italic and bold), and may
be used by speech browsers to determine how a word or phrase is read out,
whereas I (for italic) and B (for bold) simply indicate how text should be
displayed, and don't necessarily influence how the text is read.


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> Is this true? We can no longer use the center attribute? I thought the
> 'old' attributes i.e. 'strong' for bold and 'em' for italics were still
> in use. The word processor program I use still uses archaic attributes
> and I've yet to experience problems -- I still have pages posted which
> use 'strong' for bold.
> Now, do I have to go back to ALL my webpages and undo "center" in favor
> of "div align=center"?

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