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The only free way to effectively promote your site is to study the free
online information and learn from the free online discussion lists devoted
to such marketing, until you are knowledgeable enough about the subject to
begin optimizing your site.

Once you have learned enough to understand the essential concepts behind
optimization, you can begin analyzing your pages individually for
effectiveness.  Then, you can hand submit to each engine worth your time
(there's about a dozen, not counting specialty lists and sites).  Through
trial-and-error, you will eventually find out what works.

Or, you can buy software designed to help you with this (not free, but I
wanted to be thorough here!), such as the Webposition or similar products.

There are also free/cheap submission services a quick
search...but they don't really place your site, or monitor it's position.
Essentially, they broadcast the URL in a shotgun approach designed to
sprinkle it across a large list of search engines and list exchange
services.  There is little or no backup on this type of service to see if
the URL was accepted.  Many of the lists drop URLs intentionally as new ones
are added, in order to encourage return visits.

Of course, this doesn't actually answer your question...:).  I don't have a
list the free services handy, but I wanted to point out that you should not
throw away any of the $9.95 or $49.95 fees associated with some of the
"broadcast" types of services.  Being number 1,283,000 in the results list
for a given search on AltaVista isn't going to be worth any money to you if
people don't look beyond the first 30 or so results...

As for the other question, I think is developing a good


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> What's the best <free> way of promoting a web-site - e.g. getting it on
> search engines, etc.
> There are many sites that provide free web services - counters, etc. Which
> one do people recommend ?
> Thanks,
> David Artiss.

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