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FYI:  From an ad:

"You are no longer limited to .com, .org and .net. Now you can get a domain
name that ends in .shop, .inc, .family, and more so you can choose a domain
that accurately describes the nature of your site.
" has released new domains in many languages that make the Internet
easier to navigate. In a short time, has grown access to these
Internet addresses so that now more than 67 million Internet users can
recognize these domain names. Over the next few months, plans to
rapidly increase this number to provide access to millions more.

"Go to now and search for the domain you want!"

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> You'll probably also have to prove that you registered the trademark
> they registered the domain name.
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> There is legal recourse if your desired address is also your trademark and
> it's registered (  If
> you may want to think of an available name or an alternative address such
> .net to get around it.

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