Re: Server Side Includes Afterthought!

by "Paul Rudolf" <paul(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 27 Sep 1999 03:20:32 -0700
 To:  "Sharon Elix" <saelix1970(at)>,
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Forgot one very important requirement regarding Unix/Linux, and at least the
Apache Web server.

The file extension is critical, as is the provider making SSI available on
their server.

Unless the system administrator has made some changes to the web server
configuration, your files will probably need the ".shtml" extension.

In the case of my server, mostly due to my short term memory, I have
configured my server to accept both ".html" and ".shtml" for SSI.  Files
with the normal ".htm" are not server parsed.

While I'm at it, a little description of what SSI does.

Normally, a web client requests a document, and the server just hands the
document over to the client.  SSI, also knows as "server parsed document",
means that the server will actually read through the file to see if anything
needs to be addressed before sending the document on it's way.  Server
parsed documents take a bit longer to load, especially if the server is very

One of my favorites is <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED"--> (case sensitive)
which places the file's date and time on the page showing date of last


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